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Basic Behaviors

BB - House Training

House Training

• Provide Opportunities

    - After sleep

    - After play/excitement

    - After eating

• Schedule times

• Label the behavior

• Praise and give $20,000 treats after eliminating

BB - Crate Training

Crate Training

A great safety exercise.

Teach with both capture and cue

Desensitizes dogs to being confined, especially good preparation for grooming, having to stay at a vets or flying on trips.

BB - Sit


Teach with both capture and cue.

Reward with praise, affection and treats.

The Magnet Game means Capturing. Any desired behavior attracts praise and treats like a Magnet attracts iron.

Make sit automatic:

 • Before opening doors

 • At curbs

 • When talking with someone on a walk

Coming Soon

BB - Down


Teach with both capture and cue

Reward with praise, affection and treats

• Capturing

• Luring
• 45 Seconds

• Cueing
• Rule of 4

BB - Go To Bed

Go-To-Place (Bed, Spot)

Teach with both capture and cue

Helps solve jumping, door reactivity, begging, stealing, running out the door and many other unwanted behaviors

BB - Come When Called

Come-When-Called (Recall)

Make it a fun behavior!

Important for safety.

BB - Stay


An important  safety exercise.

Solves jumping, running out the door, begging at the table and chasing other animals.


BB - Find It

Find It (hunting)

“Find it” and throw treats - Helps solve jumping and running out the door.

“Find it” and hiding treats - Helps solve digging, chewing and great for “Zoom-y” periods.

“Peek-a-boo” and finding you - Helps builds trust, closer bonds, and can be used as an emergency recall.

BB - Leave It

Leave It

One of the best safety behaviors there is

Helps solve stealing, chewing, chasing after other animals, counter surfing.

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