The Best Time to Train Your Dog

The Best Time to Train Your Dog - Paul Owens

What is the best time to train your dog? There is actually more than one
best time to train your dog…there are five!

Best Time #1: First Things First – The 3 “E”s

There are three things dogs want to do in the morning: Eliminate, Eat
and Explore (the 3 “E”s). Simply ask your dog to sit, lie down or stay
before granting her desires. This category is related to #3,“Throughout
the Day Cues” but is especially important so it has it’s own category.

Best Time #2: Throughout the Day “Captures”

Capturing the behaviors that your dog spontaneously performs is one of
the easiest and quickest methods you can use to train your dog. Simply
watch him and whenever he does something you want, praise him and toss
him a treat. Over time, he will start offering the behaviors more
frequently. Then it’s simply a matter of weaning him off the treats.

The six “Capture” behaviors we stress in our classes are: sitting, lying
down, going to a bed, picking up a toy, walking by your side and the
most important, the “check in,” that is, whenever your dog glances up at
you before doing anything.

Remember to jackpot the “aha” moment when the dog finally “gets” what
the game is. For example, when a guest walks in the door and your dog,
without being asked, pauses, lies down and looks at you. Super praise
and multiple treats should rain from the heavens! That’s a jackpot.

Best Time #3: Throughout the Day “C