Help! My Dog Hates the Mail Carrier! Top Five Training Do’s and Don’t’s

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Help! My Dog Hates the Mail Carrier! Top Five Training Do's and Don't's Unknowingly, we humans reinforce the exact behaviors we want our dogs to stop doing. And there is no greater example of this than [...]

More Dog Aggression

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Q: We have an almost 7-year old female Shepherd mix. Other than one dog that she’s okay with, she is aggressive to other dogs. She attacked a neighbor’s dog a few years ago which resulted in many [...]

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Dog Aggression

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Q: When my husband and I merged our households, we each had dogs (both were 13 years old) and we got a third dog together, who is 3 years old. I also have a cat who is [...]

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Positive Training vs. Aggression

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Q: Does positive training work for an aggressive dog? A: In a word, yes. However, a DVD or book alone will not handle an aggression problem. But educational materials may help you understand why positive training is so [...]

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