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Beginners Group Classes – Stay tuned for upcoming session schedule!

Group classes meet for 5 weeks, once a week, for one hour. We cover…

zeus Basics

Basic canine etiquette training: Sit, down, stand, stay, come when called, walk without pulling, “go to spot,” and handling for vet-friendly visits


Problem behaviors of jumping, housebreaking, mouthing, digging, separation anxiety, barking, and stealing


Clicker and target training


How dogs learn and the theories of operant and classical conditioning


The Nine Ingredients necessary for a happy, healthy dog/human relationship


Games dogs play and the people who love them

We are your best choice for dog training classes in Los Angeles. Only positive training methods are used. No choke, prong, or shock collars. No jerking, shocking, shaking, hitting, yelling, or ear pinching methods are ever employed.

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 Group Class Testimonials

Thank you Paul! Your words and your training techniques are POWERFUL! I didn’t think I could love my dogs anymore than I already did but we have a different communication now and I love them more than ever! Thank you thank you thank you!

Patricia Folgar

This class was so much more relaxed than other programs I’ve attended. I wish I would have known about these methods before I had my kids. Hah!

Norma Pawlak

Thank you again for your time on Saturday!  Brendan and I learned so much and immediately put your advice to work.  We had such an amazing experience working with you that we kept talking about it for hours.

Kiegan Downs

I actually felt privileged to attend. You could see progress from one class to the next. Great fun!

Pat Bech