Molly Mas Macho

Celebrating the 7th Anniversary of a magnificent soul.


In September, 1991, I drove up from Florida to Youngstown, Ohio to adopt a Portuguese Water Dog. I didn’t know what puppy from the litter I was going to choose but as I was playing with four of the puppies, a fifth puppy just stayed in the corner. I asked about her and the breeder suggested I choose one of the other four as that puppy wasn’t very social with people or the other puppies. So, of course, I chose her. She was 10 weeks old. Her full name was Molly Mas Macho.

There were some rough times those first 18 months, especially when her aggression was so bad she’d break through the screen and she’d try and bite little old ladies who were walking home from the bus stop. And she’d act like Cujo if someon