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    Puppy Training Guide Puppy Training DVD

    The Ultimate Guide is just that: the ultimate training guide for all newly-adopted puppies and dogs!

    In this brand new dog training DVD, bestselling author ('The Dog Whisperer', 'The Puppy Whisperer') and training expert Paul Owens, The Original Dog Whisperer, provides step by step instructions using the same tried and true, positive, force-free, reward-based methods that he has used to train dogs over his 40 year career. In this fun dog training DVD you will learn all about: •Basic Training •'The Nine Ingredients’ •Health and Safety •Crate Training •Socialization •House Training •Games and so much more! Comes with a 12-page Quick Start Guide packed with additional helpful information to get you and your new pup off on the right paw! 1 hr. 17 min. Plus: a 20 minute in-depth interview with vaccination and nutrition expert Dr. Jean Dodds, DMV Free Shipping Inside the U.S. Also available to Watch Instantly on Amazon! aiv-logo-blk        
  • A professional dog trainer favorite, dog tethers get your dog out of his crate and with you while still under control as he learns how to behave! A dog tether is a training tool for safety and management in the home. When tethering is used with positive reinforcement, it can be very effective in the success of your dog training program.
  • “I've known Paul personally for many years and have faithfully followed his training advice with wonderful results. I can't recommend him highly enough. -Jeff Probst, host of Survivor Following the success of his dog training books The Dog Whisperer and The Puppy Whisperer, Paul Owens (with Norma Eckroate) introduces his groundbreaking new approach to addressing and solving specific problem behaviors -- while encouraging great habits -- no matter how your dog has responded to training in the past. Instant download link (PDF file) will be provided following your purchase and also in your email order confirmation. Get your dog training ebook - Good Habits For Great Dogs today!
  • This Dog Training eBook is a Compassionate, Nonviolent Approach to Dog Training “The Dog Whisperer book is a pure delight to read...and deserves a place of honor on the shelf of every positive dog owner and trainer.” -The Whole Dog Journal This revolutionary, humane, and logical approach to raising and training provides a beacon for all positive dog trainers. Instant download link (PDF file) will be provided following your purchase and also in your email order conf