Top Ten Tools to Help Deal with Separation Anxiety



I adopted a 1-1/2 year-old small female pit bull mix from a couple who were neglecting her. She is very sweet but has a habit of whining whenever I leave her sight. I thought it might get better after I’d had her for a while but it’s been weeks now and no change. I take her with me as many places as I can (even to work) to give her a sense of security but her behavior stays the same. Is there anything I can do?


Although your best course of action is to find a professional trainer to visit your home and evaluate the situation, it does sound a lot like separation anxiety.  There is a step-by-step protocol for separation anxiety. It entails getting your dog used to your departures and returns.  A professional trainer can show you how this is done.

Normally it takes a dog thirty or so days to acclimate to a new environment. Since dogs thrive on routines with positive outcomes and their being able to predict daily occurrences, you may find the situation improving as she gets use to your lifestyle and relaxes more and more.  You can help speed this process along by trying to m