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Training Essentials

Prevention and Management

Puppy/dog proofing


Crate Training

Exercise Pens


The keys to creating a healthy, fun and safe learning environment

TE - Prevention & Management

The 9 Ingredients

The wholistic foundation of reward-based, force-free dog training

The highest quality and proper quantity of these 9 Ingredients form the happiest, healthiest dog/human relationship possible

TE - The 9 Ingredients

Clicker Training/Markers

Communicating with our dogs has several critical components. The timing of our responses when our dogs do something we like is one of them. The quicker and more consistent we are, the cleaner our communication and the greater the ability of our dogs to understand.

TE - Clicker Training

Contextual Learning

Every time a situation (context) changes, the likelihood of behavioral success is challenged until generalization (familiarization) sets in.
Anything new: new sights, sounds smells; new location/environment; time of day; physical and mental health and much more influence a dog’s response and reliability.
Always start fresh whenever the context changes.

TE - Contextual Learning

Transactional Learning

Rewards Hierarchy:
• Chicken, turkey, cheese, hamburger, streak and some toys are worth $20,000.
• Dry treats are worth up to $1.00 to $10,000.00
• Praise (when you first start) is worth about 50 cents.

• But Mother Nature (in the form of cats, other dogs, squirrels, new sights, sounds and smells) is worth $50,000.00

The 45 Second Rule:
Dogs and humans need time to process and figure things out.

Intro to Capturing

TE - Transactional Learning

Capture, Lure & Cue

These are the four pillars that build and support reliable behaviors and healthy relationships.

Please go to "Down" in the Basic Behaviors section for comprehensive demonstration of all four tools.

TE - Capture, Lure, Cue, Shape


Dogs feed off our emotion.

A motto in our children’s program: You can’t expect your dog to be in control if you’re out of control or bored or distracted. Before any training session, breathe and smile!

TE - Focus


Introducing your dog to new sights, sounds, smells in a safe and fun process especially during the first 14 weeks of life. Socialization builds trust, confidence and a happy healthy relationship with the world.

TE - Socialization

The 45 Second Rule

Both dogs and people need a little time to remember things. I have found that in many situations, the average length of time to remember something is about 45 seconds. Now there are many variables  involved but the bottom line is, give yourself and give your dog time to process.

The Rule of 4 is what we all do when we try to memorize a phone number or somebody’s name. We repeat it 3 times in a row within a short window of time. And on the 4th repetition, we see if we remembered it.

TE - 45 Second Rule
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