The Best Time to Train Your Dog

What is the best time to train your dog? There is actually more than one best time to train your dog…there are five! We’ve been posting one of them each day this week. Here’s number 5.


Best Time #5: Witching Hours

Parents often call the time between 4 o’clock and 9 o’clock in the afternoon the “witching hours” because they notice a real energy uptick in their child’s behavior. In the canine world, this is called the “crepuscular” time. Think of it as a time of day where Mother Nature is screaming in your dog’s ear, “your ancestors were wolves! Go hunting!”

The trick is for you to harness your dog’s sudden burst of energy and use it as a training opportunity. Take your dog for walks or runs, play hide-n-seek, play fetch, proper tug and teach your dog to hunt treats around the house or yard. All of these are easier when your dog is already geared for action.

How do you turn the switch off? Just because you’re ready to stop doesn’t mean your dog is. The easiest way to teach a dog an off switch is to say something like “that’s it,” or “all done,” and have them run to their bed and lie down. Then go get a long-chewing treat like a bully stick or treat-filled Kong. The dog’s chewing will actually help dissipate that last bit of energy.

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